Slit his throat

Mansoor Naqshbandi

He is going to die, shoot him twice, slit his throat

They won’t forget, hear the cries, slit his throat

Heer wandering in the lanes of Kashmir, said

Where is Ranja, put him on the ice, slit his throat

Ali won’t come to help us, we’re not Hussain

Find your own Yazeed, pay the price, slit his throat

When everything will settle in the Hereafter

God will bring Death to the dais, slit his throat

As you see the beast, out there to kill your child

Don’t hesitate, look into his eyes, slit his throat

Just for the night. He will be back in the morning

Don’t let father see him rejoice, slit his throat

Near the well, one of the brothers whispered:

Throwing Yusuf into it won’t suffice, slit his throat

Death is all around and Mansoor is writing poetry

Hypocrite! Burn what he writes, slit his throat



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